Lateral thinking

Someone gave me the question one time
of what and why I like to paint
to this no really good answer I found
though the question got stuck in my mind
But almost I have it already at hand
it flouts, flies and swirls there behind
just showing a hint, a shimmer, a glint
with a breeze and a tease it's away
Then a clue came on down to me today
from a holder as elusive herself
a man once spoke 'round different ways of thought
it was 'bout lateral thinking he said
From this and earlier thinking I say
that for a painting to captivate, hold sway
three things are in it required for me
to get caught and other thoughts send away
The emotional force from a heart unbound
a hand well trained in its trade
a guiding mind running things from behind
not always going the obvious way
To relax with control and search but not aim
drawing deep from emotional wells
using chance but not random, are things required I think
to bring forth a painting that stays
Copyright Pär Bäckström